Open For Business: Nation Starts The Recovery Process

Yesterday, President Donald Trump announced his plan to phase in the reopening of the nation’s economy. It will be in three separate phases and will take into account the status of the region and their ability to open safely with precautions. This makes sense since there are areas that are much healthier than others and can resume rebuilding their lives and businesses without difficulty if it is done with caution and prudence.

We overall have been fortunate because not everyone has contracted this virus. Furthermore, not everyone will contract the virus or will get sick from the virus or will die from the virus. Because of so many people continuing to follow the CDC guidelines, the likelihood of spreading it on will be greatly diminished even if you already have the virus. In fact, to date, this Covid19 virus has not been as devastating as some of the flu’s that this country has had annually. Does this mean we don’t need to take this virus seriously? On the contrary, we still need to take every pestilence very seriously, we simply need to structure our response in such a way that reduces our risks to contraction and transmission while not destroying our ability to go on with our lives and take care of our families. In other words, use common sense and consideration for others. We are Americans living in the 21st Century, so we can do this.


The truth is that most of us do not have the virus and we will not get it, and when we look about us there are so many families that are suffering as a result of this governmental shut down. We see businesses that were holding on by the skin of their teeth day to day and this shut down was the very thing that pushed them over the edge. Thousands of workers were laid off and they couldn’t pay their rents or mortgages and are at risk of being homeless, while their children are going hungry. Their parents are standing in food lines trying to get food to feed them. There are so many people who face the loss of their medical coverage and many more that have had to have important surgical procedures cancelled because even though it wasn’t considered an emergency lifesaving procedure it was necessary to provide needed relief from pain and suffering. As quiet as it’s kept, most Americans are living from pay check to pay check with very little if any money saved. So when you shut down the government for even one month you’ve doomed them to long-term suffering. That is why what the president did makes sense.


Therefore, because of our experience and the research laboratories working with developing vaccines and other medical diagnostic and interventions procedures, we will deal with it and we will defeat it once and for all. As the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said when America was found to be in a crisis, he told the people, “The only thing that we have to fear is fear itself.”


America and the rest of the world have become much stronger now since we have seen and experienced this pandemic. While many were locked down families have learned to work out their issues, nations have seen and learned more about whom they can trust and not trust and who is willing to work with them and who will not. Companies both big and small have developed new ways by which they can operate in the midst of a crisis and even those businesses that had to close have learned that when they reopen how they can do things differently so that their needing to close will never happen again.

We’ve learned that Houses of Worship have learned how to adapt and develop resources and means to service their parishioners. Yes, this crisis did not kill us, instead it made us stronger. We will be alright!

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DISCLAIMER: This post is to provide encouragement to those of us who have felt pain and wants to know what happens now and if there is light at the end of all of this. You may differ in your opinion…that is okay…please express it.